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Google Chrome, first impressions

Google just released their version of a internet browser called Google Chrome, so I installed it this afternoon. In fact, I'm writing this post inside Chrome. So far it imported my bookmarks and other info from Firefox without a hitch and it seems to be rendering...

Schnauzer hour

Riesling slows down after dark and gets rather complacent in her tiredness... and Leandra likes to take advantage of it. C'mon, don't you just want to tickle that pink belly too?

Papa Mojo’s Roadhouse in Durham

(Definitely have your sound turned way up when you click on the restaurant link, I think Riesling is still recovering.) Eric had lunch at Papa Mojo's (I was still in NY) during an interview back in June and he has been wanting to get back ever since. We met our...

14 easy steps to enjoying your new wine fridge

Have your brand new wine fridge deboxed in your driveway and hauled up five steps, through a hallway and into your dining room by two delivery men. Admire said wine fridge until your husband gets home, pour a glass of wine to pass the time. Wait 48 hours until you can...

a new addition to my cleaning arsenal

We tried to buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner about three and a half years ago, but it arrived damaged and Amazon had sold out by the time they got our broken vacuum back in the warehouse. Our crappy one finally died about two weeks ago, so in order to live comfortably in my...

Segways in Raleigh (updated)

Thursday afternoon I went with the rest of my lab on a Segway tour of downtown Raleigh with Triangle Segway. We went up Fayetteville Street to the Raleigh State Capitol. And past the governors mansion where we saw some of the bricks personalized by the inmates that...

our new wine-related website

About two years ago I created an online page that listed as many of the local wine tastings as I could find in my spare time. Two weeks ago, I went ahead and registered a domain name and designed a blog specifically dedicated to the same purpose including regular...

new shoes!

A mere two hours before leaving for the airport on Monday, Lynn and I went to DSW in Schaumburg for a little shoe shopping. I came away with three (so cute!) pairs and she got two. Thanks, Dad! :) Unisa, Ritsa Leather Slide in Camel The answer to my need for a pair of...

Our Itinerary

2023 Trips

San Diego (Jan)
Orlando (Feb)
Richmond, VA (Apr)
Italy (Apr)
NC Mountains (May)
Wisconsin + Chicago
Rugby World Cup (Sept)
Seychelles (Nov)

2022 Trips

Florida (Feb)
NC Mountains (Apr)
Washington DC (Apr)
Valencia, Spain (May)
Hilton Head, SC (May)
Pacific NW (Jun)
Long Island (Jul)
Florida (Sept)
Chicago (Sept)
Poland (Sept)
NC Mountains (Nov)
Euro Xmas Markets (Dec)


Eric and Leandra in Orient Point, NY :)

Hello! This website chronicles the travel adventures of a computational biologist and a WordPress website developer (with past entries of our 😇 rescued mini schnauzers, Riesling and Pasha).

We’ve steadily increased our travel over the last several years and that is the focus of our blog currently, but you can read older ‘daily life‘ and ‘canine‘ posts by clicking on those links.


Eric and Leandra in Orient Point, NY :)