Dryer Repair 101

by | May 29, 2020 | Daily life

I threw the down comforter and duvet cover into the dryer, selected the cycle, hit “GO” and … nothing happened. I switched outlets and scoured the manual, no luck. The power was on but the dryer wouldn’t turn. It seemed the only option to figure out what was wrong was to call a serviceman ($$$) or take the dryer apart ourselves and troubleshoot.

We found a how-to video on YouTube for a dryer that looked close enough to ours and after taking the top section off it became clear we were missing the dryer belt, AKA the thin elastic band that goes around the drum and through a series of pulleys underneath to make the dryer turn. As this dryer is only three years old, I was glad it wasn’t an electrical issue.

I had to do some online digging to find the exact part number for our unit and thankfully, Amazon had the belt we needed for about $8. Next up — completely dismantling the dryer to reset the belt.

I carefully labelled each section along with its corresponding screws.

In case you ever wondered what the inside of a dryer looks like!

After a few tries, Eric was able to secure the belt onto the pulley system essentially blind as the drum needed to be in place for this part and there was very little stretch to the belt.

New dryer belt in place, we reversed the steps and reassembled the dryer! It took us about 90 minutes start to finish and I hope we don’t have to do this again in another 3 years.

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