Patagonia: TDP, Day 2: Salto Chico, Mirador Cuernos

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On our second day in Torres del Paine we took the southwestern route back into park. This road was quite bumpy with some construction and a lot of potholes, but of course, the views were amazing.

Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

All the parking spots were again taken at the Salto Chico lot, so I sent Eric ahead and waited for someone to leave. Thankfully it was only a five minute wait and I caught up as he was setting up his tripod. The trailhead is well marked but the short hike to the overlook is on rickety boards so watch your step!

trailhead to Salto Chico  boardwalk trail to Salto Chico

The falls were quite scenic and worth the short hike.

Salto Chico

Our next stop was Restaurante Pehoe to make reservations for dinner that evening. The views were the only good thing about that meal (spoiler alert).

mountain views over Pehoe Lake

Our big excursion for the day was the hike to Mirador Cuernos – a relatively gentle, 5km RT walk with unspooling views. Lots of wildflowers and lake views enroute to the overlook and fewer people the farther in you go.

Mirador Cuernos hike

Mirador Cuernos hike

Mirador Cuernos hike

And a gorgeous, peaceful view at the end of the trail…

Nordenskjöld Lake

Mirador Cuernos

We sat and enjoyed the quiet for a half an hour, then hustled back to the car as rain clouds started to build from the north. The Salto Grande viewpoint is busy but not as many people venture all the way to this viewpoint, making it a perfect spot for lunch and to escape the tourist bus crowds!

us @ Mirador Cuernos

We stayed just ahead of the oncoming rain and managed to snap this shot from the Rio Serrano overlook before checking into the hotel.

Mirador Rio Serrano

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