Dinner at Yamazushi Japanese Restaurant

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Daily life, Food & Drink

Yamazushi has been on my want-to-go list for years but I knew Eric would not be into all the fish. When their website was redesigned recently, I noticed a price increase starting in 2020 so I talked my friend Amy into accompanying me. I emailed the owner in late August and added our names to the waiting list hoping a table would open up this fall. Luckily, we got our chance just days before I was leaving to go to Japan!

Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner that features a variety of small, artful dishes, prepared with fresh, in-season ingredients. We received eight courses in the chef’s preferred order (and we never received a printed menu, so my descriptions are based on what I remember the server saying). The service was politely choreographed and our wine glasses were refilled consistently. Additionally, all of the pottery was handmade by the chef!

It was a relaxed feast for the eyes and tongue. And while I definitely preferred certain components more than others, overall it was a wonderful experience.

Photos and descriptions below!

course 1 - appetizer
course 1 (appetizer): fairly plain vegetable with sweet water chestnut on top

course 2 - sushi assortment
course 2 (sashimi): fatty tuna, flounder and mackerel and the garnishes were also edible

course 3 - soup
course 3 (soup): light but flavorful broth with tofu, shrimp and mushroom

course 4 - fried
course 4 (fried): scallops, carrot, eggplant and potato with a delicious matcha salt

palate cleanser (coconut milk sorbet)
palate cleanser: coconut milk sorbet with dried persimmon

course 5 - seasonal assortment
course 5 (seasonal assortment): included tuna, lobster, pickled fern, cucumber, orange and bitter melon

course 6 - grilled
course 6 (grilled): black cod, lotus root and a vegetable with red bean paste

course 7 - nigiri
course 7 (nigiri): tuna, scallop and smoked salmon

course 8 - dessert
course 8 (dessert): crepe with green tea ice cream, red bean paste, pound cake, and fruit

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