Namibia: Erongo Mountain Winery

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On the way to our next lodging spot outside of Omaruru we stopped to taste a few wines at one of the few wineries in Namibia, Erongo Mountain Winery. The winery itself is located at the end of a dirt road (naturally) alongside the currently-dry Omaruru River.

Erongo Mountain Winery entrance

Upon arrival we were enthusiastically greeted by the four winery dogs who proceeded to entertain us for the entire visit. It was a lovely day with a nice breeze so we sat outside with view of the vines and enjoyed the canine antics.

a very warm canine welcome @ Erongo Mountain Winery

the great dane liked to hold hands  another friendly pup

There were several tour/lunch combos advertised but our hostess said we could try any of the wines for 20N$ per pour, so Eric opted for the three whites and I tried the three reds.

Wine Notes
E1 – Viognier, very appley, almost ciderlike.
E2 – Chardonnay, unoaked. Different -lt smoke, fig, reasonable acidity.
E3 – Chenin Blanc, herbal nose, dried white fruit. Would pair with a savory puff pastry!

L1 – Estosha Blend, bit of a funky dried plum on the nose with herbs. Chewy! Deep fruit flavors. Very rich.
L2 – Krantzberg, Shiraz and Cab nose with balanced acidity on finish. Bourdeaux style.
L3 – Namibian Kiss, sweeter smell with some chocolate and herbal mint. Smooth finish.

Erongo Mountain Winery wines

We were the only customers present on a Monday afternoon, though I imagine their patio gets a bit busier on the weekends. It was definitely a pleasant and relaxing stop for us and we’d recommend it to others in the area.

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