Oregon: the coast

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After a leisurely drive from Portland we reached our first stop along the coast, Ecola State Park. The road through the park takes you through a lush green forest before ending at Indian Beach and gorgeous beach views!

Ecola State Park - Indian Beach

From the parking lot made our way down to the beach, then walked to the large pile of rocks at the southern end.

Ecola State Park - Indian Beach

Ecola State Park (and lighthouse)
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Returning to our car we drove back to the large parking lot at Ecola Point lookout.

Ecola State Park - Indian Beach

Views were also great, but unfortunately several trails were closed.

Ecola State Park

Ecola State Park
view back toward Indian Beach

After checking in at our inn, we continued south to Hug Point State Recreation Site. This beach features a small waterfall and some great tidal pools.

Hug Point

Fall Creek Falls  seagulls
Hug Point waterfall; seagulls enjoying the sun

Hug Point

Hug Point tidal pools


Hug Point tidal pools

Our final stop on day one was Oswald West State Park. Multiple trails from the parking lot lead to the beach, so we picked one and followed it down the to shore.

trail to Short Sands Beach  bouncy bridge!

Short Sands Beach (Oswald West SP)

The tide was still fairly low so tidal pools were still available for exploring.

Short Sands Beach tidal pools

On the far side of the beach is Blumenthal Falls.

Blumenthal Falls  cascades on

The next day we continued down 101 intending to check out Cape Meares – unfortunately, the road was closed so we had to settle for some simpler views of the coast instead.


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