Italy 2018: Naples Food + Drink

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Pizzeria Da Attilio – When we checked into our apt we immediately asked for pizza recommendations to see if they matched up with what we had already looked up. This restaurant was close to the apartment and not in a super touristy area so we gave it a shot. I got the regular Napoli pizza (mozzarella, tomato sauce and basil) and Eric choose the version with buffalo mozzarella. Service was brisk and the pizzas came out fast. Everything was delicious! When we paid, the woman complimented us on the ease of understanding our English accents. Plus, the pizza baker guy posed for a photo! :)

pizza maker posing for me! <3

Pizzeria I Decumani – We put my name down and sat outside for about 45 minutes waiting. Everyone ahead of us in the queue had gone inside when I heard “Enrique?” I jumped up and snagged the table. Close enough. Margherita pizza and house white for Eric and a smoked cheese and cherry tomato pie for me. Eric liked his pie better than the first place (crust had more char, little less sweet) while I was neutral (both were tasty).

pizza @ Pizzeria I Decumani


Dinner at Trattoria Speranzella. Went for ‘wine bar’ ended up staying for dinner when we figured we were unlikely to get into another place. Pasta portions were insanely huge but tasty.

wine crackers and castelvetrano olives (my favorite!) Grandma's meatball and SO MUCH PASTA @ Trattoria Speranzella

Wine Bars

While several places were listed as “wine bars” on Google maps, the reality was different. Some places were just shops with two stools and others were actually cafes with perhaps two or three wines by the glass available. We did however manage to find two actual wine bars and enjoyed both.

Wine bar de Mario – small space with three tables inside and a long bar. We enjoyed an afternoon appertivo with crackers, chips, and olives. Eric had a beneventano white blend while I had a red blend from the same region. People watching in the square was fun.

Archivo Storico – very nice! Eric found this place while we were wandering around Vomero. You enter at street level and follow a staircase down to a large painting that slides open when you approach. We found two empty arm chairs in the back and while the wine was pricier, the selection was good and we had the place nearly to ourselves. Eric had a Gewurztraminer that was lush and lovely, while I had a nice Chianti Classico. Generous pours as well!

wine @ WineCafè Da Mario  wine @ Archivio Storico


After a late pizza lunch we weren’t hungry when dinnertime approached so we opted for gelato at Casa Infante instead. Eric had the Nutella and I had the egg creme. Both came with a mini cone ‘hat’ on top.

Via Toledo gelato  gelato selections along Via Toledo

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