Italy 2017: Florence sights and shopping

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I have never met anyone who has been to Florence and didn’t like it. It’s probably a mix of the food, the gorgeous architecture and museums, and all the leather goods for sale. There is certainly a lot to explore in this old city…

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore
Right in the heart of the city (and a five minutes walk from our hotel) is this massive cathedral with an insanely detailed exterior. This was a popular gathering place and we experienced crowds of people taking selfies and admiring the bapistry and cathedral at all times of day.

Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Ponte Vecchio
The famous bridge in Florence is now a series of tourist-driven jewelry shops but it still looks pretty great at sunset.

silly selfie with the famous bridge

Ponte Vecchio @ sunset

Legend has it that if you rub this warthog’s nose then you will ensure your return to Florence. Can’t hurt!

rubbing the nose of Porcellino  rubbing the nose of Porcellino
My FIL and I making extra sure we return to Florence.

Leather Goods
Florence is known for leather goods, so I was looking for a pair of leather gloves and a new leather wallet. I was spoiled for choice as any amount of wandering in the main tourist area took you past a million shops selling “Made in Italy” leather items. The quality varied but with patience I found a bright pink pair of cashmere-lined gloves for $38 and a black and pink wallet for $32.

Martelli - gorgeous leather gloves for $38! 

Street art
We were both pleasantly surprised by the amount of quality street art in Florence. We found quite a few paste-ups and the like but my favorites were the ‘Art Knows how to Swim’ series by Blub and the silly street sign modifications by Clet.

'Art Knows how to Swim' piece by Blub  ‘Art Knows how to Swim’ by Blub

florence-36  street art by Clet

amazing chalk art  street art

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