Vietnam 2016: custom clothing in Hoi An

by | Mar 23, 2016 | International Travel, Travel

Eric and I knew we wanted to get a few items of clothing made while staying in Hoi An, but the sheer number of available tailors was overwhelming. Given our three full days in town, it made sense to decide on a place our first day, and I picked Kimmy Tailor after I fell in love with a trench coat I spotted on one of the mannequins outside. [Eric’s note: we had a list of five potential places with good reviews across several sites]

Ha and Vy did a wonderful job of making us feel at home – joking and offering suggestions. I didn’t think they were overly pushy but they definitely encouraged us to buy more and we had to politely decline a few times.

measuring for custom clothes!  my first fitting!
Eric getting his measurements done with Vy; me with my first fitting with Ha (I love this coat so much!)

After the initial consultation, measurements and a down payment we scheduled two more appointments over two days to test fit, etc. The first fitting was really for button-hole placement as everything fit great on the first try. We were both happy with our color and lining choices. Eric did manage to prick himself twice thanks to random pins, but there were no other injuries!

In the end we purchased one two-piece men’s suit, one men’s blazer, two button-down men’s dress shirts, one woman’s blazer, a trench coat and a tie for about $575 USD (including 3% credit card fee). We could have spent less money elsewhere but I am happy with the service and products we received here. And I still can’t believe these clothes were finished in just 50 hours.

all our custom clothes from Kimmy Tailor

The whole experience was really fun and I look forward to getting another chance on a future trip.

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