UK 2015: West Trossachs & Callander

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We got a bit of a later start due to our late night before… but after coffee and some pastries we were ready to roll. On our 2013 trip we explored the east side which was twistier with more scenic views and wildlife, so I was surprised by the fast speed limit on the west side which made it hard to stop for photos at the overlooks on the left side of the road.

The town of Luss was recommended to us by a friend, but we found it quite touristy and full of overpriced souvenirs. However, you could walk down to the lake and enjoy the ducks… Not pictured (you’re welcome) is the guy in a tank top cleaning his boat. It was about 40 degrees, a ‘balmy’ day in Scotland!

shores of Loch Lomond in Luss
ducks on the lake shore

historic homes in Luss

So we sped past Loch Lomand, then on to Loch Long, and to a beautiful viewpoint called Rest and Be Thankful. Some of us snacked in the car while Eric, Kim and Drew hiked to the top of a large hill for photos and bragging rights.

Rest and Be Thankful viewpoint

view of Loch Restil from Rest and Be Thankful

selfie at Rest and Be Thankful  the hikers - Drew and Kimberly

From there we drove to Fyne Ales where a trio of tasters was a reasonable three pounds. Eric liked the Lowlander Amber and I liked the Vital Spark ale which was a bit on the hoppy side. It was really crowded inside because of a bus tour, so thankfully the bright sun made it comfortable to sit outside.


Next stop – oysters! Loch Fyne Oysters has been on my list for a year, so I was super excited to get to try a half dozen of three different local oysters: Colonsay (my favorite), Gigha Rock and Lismore Rock. Yum!


Loch Fyne Oysters  Loch Fyne oysters

It was getting late (and we were tired of being in a car), so we continued along Loch Fyne to Inveraray, home to a postcard-worthy castle. Once on the property, we decided the better view of the castle was from the one-lane bridge into town, so I drove very slowly over the bridge twice more to give both sides of the car a chance to get a photo. :)

Inveraray Castle (from the bridge into town)

On the way back, we also passed the castle ruins of Kilchurn Castle. Once again, Eric hiked across a boggy meadow to get this shot. (I think the light was better the last time.)

Kilchurn Castle

For dinner, we revisited the Lade Inn. Eric had the burger while I (and everyone else) got the steak pie. The beer Eric chose was a little too sweet and malty for him but I opted for the Jacobian Ale that I had enjoyed the last time we were here. When the music started we switched to scotch! Bruichladich for Eric and a lovely Bunnhabin that I nursed for almost two hours (boo on driving!). The duo, Baran, was quite active getting everyone to contribute with lots of audience participation in the form of drums, cymbals, shakers and one triangle that was super-intimidating. We stayed until the last song.

Baran performing @ the Lade Inn  sing (and play) along!

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