UK 2015: Southern Scotland daytrip

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One of the major to-dos on our trip was for our friend to visit her family castle,  MacClellan’s Castle. Located in southern Scotland, we decided to make it a day-trip from Glasgow and visit several other sights along the way.

After a quick breakfast of pastries we made our way to our first stop, the Falls of Clyde in New Lanark. We walked past parts of the old mill and up the trail to an overlook of the lower falls/cascade Dundaff Linn.

picturesque residence

start of the Falls of Clyde walk  steps to ruins

We continued up the trail enjoying the sunshine and spring wildflowers in bloom.

wildflowers  wildflowers

Corra Linn is the larger falls halfway along the trail and had a great overlook. As a bonus we saw several peregrine falcons fly over the base of the falls!

Corra Linn Falls

We could have gone further but wanted to get back on the road, so we turned around after going up the hill for a few hundred yards to get a glimpse of the old castle. We even got ‘hearded’ by a sheepdog who was worried that we were lagging behind his group.

Everyone piled back into the car and we continued south for another 45 minutes to Grey Mare’s Tail. The road from Moffat to the falls was a scenic one lane drive with lots of steep, stark hillsides. As we drove the weather started to turn, becoming significantly cloudier and cooler. Grey Mare’s Tail is the 5th largest falls in UK, and is quite impressive even from afar.

steps in a hillside  Gray Mare's Tail

We did see a few sheep and wild goats on the hillsides too.

On our way back to the highway we stopped to find lunch in Moffat, and settled on Brodies. Leandra ordered the salmon and cucumber which was nice but could have had more salmon; Eric liked his go-to toasted ham and cheese. After lunch our next destination was MacClellan’s Castle, about another hour of driving.  Lots of sheep enroute!

Old Cemetary in Moffat  Saint Andrew's Church of Scotland
Old Cemetery and St Andrew’s Church of Scotland in Moffat


We arrived in Kirkcudbright around 4p just as a drizzle was starting. Unfortunately, the castle didn’t have a roof! The old stonework was still interesting to experience.

MacLellan Castle  MacLellan Castle

Kimberly and Megan @ MacLellan Castle

Kirkcudbright also has a small cathedral.

church in Kirkcudbright

On our way home we took an alternative route back to Glasgow through Galloway Forest, arriving back in the city before dark and while street parking was still available!

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