Drive to Milford Sound

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Since we were starting in the afternoon due to the Doubtful Sound cruise, we needed to prioritize which sights we would visit before it became too dark to hike. Along the drive we decided our first stop would be Humboldt Falls, a large 275m tall falls. To get there we had a long drive on gravel roads, then a 15 minute hike through intensely lush forest to the viewpoint.

walk to Humboldt Falls   dripping ferns

Humboldt Falls (with rainbow)
and a rainbow too!

On the way back to the main road we made a quick stop at Marion Falls (Leandra was not a fan of the swinging bridge).

Marian Falls

Marian Falls

From here we drove to the end of the road, Milford Sound itself. There were stunning views along the road…

the view just beyond the Homer Tunnel
valley view just past the Homer Tunnel

And of course the sound itself.

Milford SoundMilford Sound
Not pictured: Flies! I had to keep moving as I shot since I didn’t want any more of those intensely itchy bites.

The harbor hosts the Blue Duck Cafe and Bar, and since it was late we figured now was the only time we were likely to get food. The Carbonara pizza was passable but Leandra’s mussels were terribly overcooked, doubly unfortunate given how close we are to the water.

As we exited the restaurant we enjoyed some great sunset color on the mountain tops.

sunlit mountain top

Unfortunately, we didn’t have much light left on the way back so we just barely get one more photo next to the Homer tunnel, Cleddau Valley Vistas Waterfalls, then continued our drive back in the dark dodging wildlife intent on running into / in front of our car.

Homer Tunnel
Cleddau Valley Vistas Waterfalls

We returned to our hotel ~15 hours after leaving, and enjoyed  a well-earned night of sleep.

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