London Nov 2014: Once the Musical

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We always love seeing shows in London and we’ve had luck in the past getting last minute tickets. So, after a much needed nap on Saturday afternoon (neither of us slept spectacularly well on the overnight flight), Eric went online and started hunting around for options. After trying several ‘last minute’ sites he tried the official ticket page for ‘Once’ and we were both a bit surprised to see two tickets for that night’s showing  – Row E 19/20 (fifth row center) for 25£ each! I hustled down to the front desk of our hotel to see what they could come up with and the best they could do was row H for 80£ each… a discount off the normal 110£ but not as good as the online offer. So, we quickly ordered the 25£ tickets and hoped the seats were real.

Two hours later we arrived at the theatre and went to the will call window with a bit of trepidation. Our tickets had not been printed (unsurprisingly) but the ticket attendant was relieved that we had bought them through ATG tickets and printed them right out. We couldn’t believe our luck as we made our our way to the front and our awesome seats.

Before the show and during intermission the audience is allowed on the stage, which is also a bar, so Leandra went up to check things out.

on stage!

Also a nice perk was the seat service for snacks and drinks. Before the show we ordered a glass of rose to share and then another at intermission, so we always had something to sip on during the performance. You simply raise a card and an attendant comes over with a portable pay terminal; choose what you want and they deliver it directly to your seat.

The show itself featured lots of good music, with each performer playing instruments and singing. Overall it was fantastic (I definitely cried at the end), and we were quite happy with our last minute decision to go!


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