Bali 2014: Cathay Pacific First class

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This was our second round trip in Cathay Pacific First Class and like we said before – hopefully it won’t be our last! This time we flew out of LAX – what a difference compared to the experience at JFK on our first trip. The check-in process at JFK was very smooth with a separate desk area and a dedicated security line for first class passengers. At LAX, the only thing designating “First Class” treatment was the rug at check-in. Our agent was completely distracted and disappeared a few times without explanation and when asked about security we were pointed to the same overcrowded line that everyone uses. To be honest, I really dislike the LAX airport anyway, but I was expecting better treatment on a first class ticket.

After security, the lounge at LAX is shared between One World airlines so was quite crowded when we arrived around 11p. We found two chairs near the entrance and settled in to read while we waited for our boarding call.

One we got to our seats, however, a little Krug champagne can fix most bad feelings….

enjoying Krug in First Class!  usinfirst 
on the flight out of LAX and on the flight back from Hong Kong

The overall experience was, again, fantastic though there were a few notable changes from two years ago. First off, I found the women’s amenity pouch to be a downgrade. All of the Aesop goodies were there but instead of a zippered leather pouch, the kit was stitched leather that opened flat and folded closed with an elastic tie. Not super practical for future use. However, the pajamas this time were a big upgrade! Super soft cotton PYE “sleeper suits” in a dark purple on the way there and a medium blue heather on the way back.

the view from my seat
the view from my seat

All the food we had was attractively presented and tasty, especially the large amount of caviar I consumed. We had seats 1A and 2A for both legs of the flight like last time, so we had one side of the cabin to ourselves.

pasta main course  steak at 38000 feet  cheese
Lots of tasty courses!

We got to dine across from each other for the main meals — dinner and breakfast. Otherwise, we just relaxed in our pods, watched a lot of movies (LEGO Movie, Her, Hong Kong action flicks…) and got as much sleep as we could during the 13 hour flight.

One of the other perks for flying first class to Hong Kong is having access to the first class lounge Cabanas where you can take a bath, freshen up and generally relax in your own private room. These had been refurbished since our last visit and I liked the more private feel with the wall and glass at the back.

private cabana @ The Wing HKG

After which, you can head over to the champagne bar and help yourself to yet another glass of bubbly. Oh, just me?

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