London 2014: Fashion Week 2014

by | Mar 9, 2014 | International Travel, Travel

delicious panini @ Fratelli'sOn Sunday morning, I took the tube to Covent Gardens to meet my aunt Kim for a day of fashion. On the way to Somerset House we grabbed a quick bite at Fratelli’s Caffe – my sandwich with goat brie and roasted peppers was delicious and provided the sustenance I needed for the afternoon.

From the cafe we made our way to Somerset House and explored the bookshop, grounds and exhibit spaces. There were some great fabrics and jewelry designs on display. Earlier I was worried about not being “dressy” enough but people were dressed in all types of ways and I felt like I fit in okay. My new pink highlights may have helped!

At 3:40p we took a cab to the Platform Theater in Kings Cross for the Palmer//Harding show at 4:30p. We got our names checked off the list and then stood around outside for 45 minutes before they finally let us in. Apparently, the previous show was running ’15 minutes late’ (we heard this a lot) and they were letting people enter in a slow trickle with not much reasoning as far as we could tell. Thankfully it wasn’t raining or too cold but my feet were definitely tired.

We sat down in the crowded room just as the music began followed by the models a few seconds later. The design was good, fluorescent yellow and brick with white. Each model also had a smear of white paint on her neck.

And, after all that waiting, the whole show lasted about six minutes!

I had budgeted two hours (as the listing said the show was from 4:30 to 6:30pm) and didn’t have to meet Eric in Camden until 7:30, so Kim and I grabbed a glass of wine each – tempranillo and chenin blanc – and camped out on the couches in the lobby looking through our swag bags and catching up. We had an absolutely wonderful time.

They kicked us out around 6:45 so I put Kim in a cab and hustled over to Kings Cross station to find Eric and dinner.

swag bag of goodies and arriving at Somerset House for LFW!

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