Thanksgiving in Europe 2013: heurigers in Nussdorf

by | Dec 23, 2013 | International Travel, Travel

Four years ago we took a tram up to Stammersdorf to try out some local wine during our weekend in Vienna. This time we wanted to make the trip mid-week and discovered that both places we visited last time were only open on weekends. After some quick research, I found two places in Nussdorf that were open on a Tuesday evening and could still be easily reached by tram.

Luckily for us the two spots were literally next door to one another so we went to the ‘farthest’ making Heuriger Schnabel-Auer as our first stop. This turned out to be a good choice because the food options were better here.

Heuriger Schübel-Auer
entryway decorated with lights… not pictured is the upside-down branch indicating wine is served!

Heuriger Schübel-Auer interior
charming interior with lots of wood and padded cloths for the benches

Eric’s dad and I each ordered the red, a Zweigelt, and Eric and his mom ordered two different whites, a Welshriesling and a Traminer.  We had a few bites ordered directly from the counter up front and chatted about the trip so far, enjoying the cozy atmosphere. This place has an expansive indoor section and I can imagine it gets very crowded in the summer months when the outdoor patio area is also open. After enjoying our wine here we headed next door to the much smaller Heuriger Kierlinger.

Heuriger Kierlinger red wine

Here they only had one red, a cuvee, so that’s what everyone ordered. It was fruity and light, a good sipping wine.

As with our previous heuriger experience, it was interesting to see the contrast between the different venues. I definitely recommend getting out of the city center and trying one – simply catch Tram D near the center ring and take it to the north end of the line.

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