Summer Euro 2013: Miami layover

by | Sep 16, 2013 | street art, Travel, USA Travel

Our international connection in Miami left us a choice of a one hour layover (a little short) or a seven hour layover. We opted for the safer long layover, but also to get out of the airport; however, we didn’t care about the beach, and it would be August so we had to expect hot and humid conditions. Rental cars were cheap on Sunday so we booked a car, mapped out a few restaurants, and made the Design District our focal point.

From the airport we went straight to brunch at Morgans, where we were lucky to score parking in their free lot (though it didn’t look like anyone was paying on the street).  The restaurant was quite busy at 10a, and the inside seating is relatively limited, but we snagged a small two-person table downstairs. While looking over the menu we split a sticky bun, and it was a great starter with lots of cinnamon and stickiness. Eric ordered the Brioche French Toast which was just as good as you would hope, while Leandra had the egg white and grilled veggie wrap.  The food was tasty and filled us up until our afternoon flight, we’d definitely go back if we are in the area again.

The neighboring building had this amazing mural:

street art

So from here we started exploring the district, taking in all the street art that drew us to this part of Miami.

black & white
supporting the hometown Miami Heat and Lebron



look up

love / drugs   marilyn
Marilyn: ‘Love Is Not A Label’ by Skott Marsi

street art   happy monsters

stunning mural

wynwood building
Wynwood building- takes up most of the block with this pattern!

part of the ‘Scratching the Surface’ project by Vhils, these are carved into the wall

wave   wave closeup
wave; wave detail

Wall Street Labrynth
Wall street labyrinth by Liqen


street art

Our brains were overwhelmed by all of the art and there are many, many more pieces to see. We look forward to returning for a more extensive tour in the future.

To help cool off our overloaded brains we drove to Coral Gables for drinks at Swine, noted for their interesting cocktails, including some matured in wood barrels. Along the way we learned that parking in Coral Gables is fairly expensive (25 cents every 12 minutes), the meters run a little fast, and they monitor vigorously even on Sunday.

cocktails on a Miami layover

Eric had the Swine Old-Fashioned (bacon-washed rye, maple syrup, housemade bitters) , and was very happy with the mix of sweet and smoky. Leandra tried the Barrel-aged Cocktail #2 with gin, mandarine napoleon liqueur and cynar (an artichoke-based bitter) — which was more floral with light bitterness on the finish. We did not try any food, though it certainly smelled enticing.

After enjoying our drinks it was back to the airport to return the car, then shower and relax in the international lounge till we were called for our overnight flight.

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