Germany & France, July 2013: Toulouse sights

by | Aug 12, 2013 | International Travel, street art

Work was my reason for visiting Toulouse, so my sightseeing was limited to two evenings. Still, I had several hours to wander parts of old town and thoroughly enjoyed the surroundings.

On my first night I walked primarily around the north part of old city, starting with the large church, Basilique Saint Sernin de Toulouse. The city is known for its pink coloring and I could see that right away in the varied facades.

Basilique Saint Sernin   Toulouse old town
(l) Basilique Saint Sernin, (r) street scene

Walking down Rue de Taur I scoped out the many restaurants- it was a warm night and nearly everyone was sitting at an outside table.

Rue de Taur
Rue de Taur with the Toulouse Notre Dame in the center

Continuing on I found myself in the large Place du Capitole, the large square that is the center of town. On one side was the imposing building, on the other a large number of busy restaurants.

Place du Capitole
Place du Capitole

Continuing south I wandered through a number of small streets full of shops and more restaurants.

Rue des Gestes
Rue des Gestes

After dinner I walked down to the river. I had missed the sunset, so I decided to try and come back the next night a little earlier for more photos.

Pont Neuf, Toulosue
Pont des Catalans

I also found some interesting street art.

street art  street art

street art  street artstreet art

The next evening I made it back to the Garonne River for the sunset light.

Pont des Catalans
Pont des Catalans
, again.

Dome de la Grave and the Garrone River
Dome de la Grave and the Garrone River

On my way back to the hotel after a great dinner (nepalese curry at great dinner at Le Petit Rajistan) I heard music coming from the main square. Much to my surprise they had a video show playing on the Capitole!

Place du Capitole video show   Place du Capitole video show

Even in the summer time Toulouse still had a buzz to it, so I imagine that when university students return in the fall it is quite busy. Hopefully I’ll get another work trip here in the near future!

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