Helsinki 2012: Tallinn food & drink

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Clayhills Gastro Baar – After walking around in the rain for a few hours, we decided it was time to dry out and stopped in to Clayhills to try some tapas and Estonian beer. There were only a few tables open and we had our eye  one two-person table up two stairs on a platform by the window. Our seat proved to be a great people-watching spot for both inside and outside activity. Our waiter was very friendly and even though the food came out slowly, I enjoyed resting my feet and sipping on a tasty porter (A. Le Coq, an Estonian brand).

Clayhills Pub

frittata and onion rings
the frittata and onion rings were quite good; not pictured were the so-so meatballs.

Hell Hunt – After a bit more walking around and some linen shopping, we thought our last stop of the day was going to be this pub to sample a few more Estonian beers. We both opted for house-made beers, the Hell Hunt Hele and Tume.

sheep snacks

While the snaaak seemed tasty, Eric ordered a cheesy tomato soup that was great on a rainy day while Leandra tried the Russian dumplings. The theming for this bar is fantastic with lots of illustration and color and it did not disappoint.

Kork Wine Bar & Shop – After finding ourselves stuck in Tallinn for a for a few extra hours, we decided to head back toward the old town to find a wine bar. On the way, we passed this little wine shop and I noticed a 2-for-1 happy hour sign that was still in effect. Luckily for us, it turned out to be a great spot to relax for dessert before getting on the ship and heading back to our hotel and warm bed!

my crostinis with fig and brie — unsurprisingly, Eric choose a chocolate brownie for his dessert!

As expected, Tallinn’s restaurant scene was substantially cheaper than Helsinki, with quite a few interesting beers available. We’d definitely like to return to the city and try some of the less-touristed parts, preferably on a drier day!

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