A long weekend in London: Friday

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After a long first day in London we relaxed on Friday morning, sleeping late then ambling over to the hotel’s included breakfast. Advertised as a ‘champagne’ breakfast they really only feature Andre sparkling wine, but the rest of the spread made up for it: passion fruit juice, croissants and other breads, scrambled eggs, English bacon, fruit, cheeses, sliced meats, granola, etc. Once again we planned our day over breakfast and decided to start at the British Museum.

inside the British Museum

The British Museum is rightly famous for its collection of antiquities, especially Egyptian and Greek. The very first item we saw was the famous Rosetta stone.

the Rosetta Stone

Talk about an entrance! It’s quite amazing to see something so old and important to archeology right in front of you. The rest of the wing was also impressive with large statues, pieces of the Parthenon, and other amazing relics.


admiring a very large head

We wandered around other parts of the museum and were especially impressed with some of the old German engravings.

German lithograph - Saturday, Graveyard of St. Peter's in Salzburg, 1823
we visited this graveyard on our Salzburg trip!

After having our fill of museums we headed to Cask’s sister pub Craft. Though the downstairs was quite busy, the upstairs loft had plenty of seating. Here we tried the Dark Star Golden Gate Seasonal Ale, Mikkeller Clerkenwell Lager (house beer), Hawks Head Brodie’s Prime and Imperial Damson and Vanilla Porter.

still life with red

The weather was relatively warm, in the mid 50s, so we decided to walk around the London Eye area for some photos while we still had some daylight.

Big Ben! Parliment!
Big Ben! Parliment!

just red

Having built up an appetite we headed to Pix, a tapas restaurant in Covent Garden. The croquettes compared favorably to those tried on our recent Barcelona trip, and the other tapas bites were tasty too.

peppers at Pix

Feeling full we made our way back down to the Thames for a few night shots.

lit up for evening

Since the Tate Britain was open late on Friday night we decided to stop in on our way back to the hotel. Unfortunately, our experience was much like the Tate Modern, and we were disappointed by most of the pieces.


After 8 hours of wandering London we ended our evening at a pub near our hotel followed by takeout from Addie’s Thai.

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