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La Vinya del Senyor—This little place is right next to the La Seu Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter. On our first visit we were lucky (early) enough to score two stools at the bar and enjoy two glasses of wine. The atmosphere grows more lively later in the evening, so I can imagine when the weather is warmer that the ample outdoor seating would be completely full also.

Bosc de les Fades Cafe—We visited this bar primarily for the unique atmosphere, but we also found the sangria (on tap!) to be quite tasty. The pub is part of the wax museum and attached to the gift shop. Unfortunately, our camera was unable to capture the proper mood because it was so dim. At one point, there was artificial lightning, thunder and wind sounds which only added to the grotto-like feel of the place.

bosc de los fades cafe

Lonja de Tapas—We stopped in here for a brief snack and glass of wine to get out of the rain and fill our bellies before an afternoon siesta. It was fairly full for 3pm and the croquettes were good. Please note that the bread with tomato and olive oil they bring you (without asking) is not complimentary. Made me miss Madrid with their complimentary tapas a little bit.

Tapeo—Before heading out for the evening, Eric found a street in the Gothic Quarter that we hadn’t explored yet, so we researched a few tapas places and this one was high on the list. We scored a table right by the bar and while the service was a bit slow, the owner was full of information about the history of beer in Spain and various menu items. The croquettes were delicious and the wine was well priced. There was no official  “wine list,” you just looked up on a shelf that ran the length of the restaurant to spot bottles with prices on them.

our wines @ Tapeo

Taller de Tapas—We ate dinner here one night and returned for dessert the following evening since Eric loved their chocolate profiteroles! Dinner was tasty – the dessert even better and we got to sit outside with the heat lamps and sip fantastic dessert wines. This restaurant is very popular but worth the wait for a table.

Taller de Tapas

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