where we stayed in St. Louis (a lesson in third-party booking engines)

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Moonrise Hotel
(Adapted from my hotel review on TripAdvisor)

We saw this hotel come up on Jetsetter (note: login required) early on in our planning process for the trip to St. Louis and decided to book Saturday night here. A few weeks later, Delta changed our direct flight to one with a 25 minute layover in Atlanta (um, no thanks), so we modified our reservation to come out a day early. The deal with Jetsetter was over but another site SniqueAway (note: login required) had a similar deal, so we booked Friday night with them. (As a side note, we asked Jetsetter if they could add an additional night for the same price but the hotel wouldn’t agree to it.)

As the trip approached, our friends decided to come up to St. Louis instead of us going to them in Rolla, MO… so now we needed a place to stay on Sunday night. Luckily, Perfect Escapes had an even better deal on the Moonrise, so we were able to stay for three nights total. Amazingly, the staff at the front desk were able to combine our reservations into one stay (no switching rooms) and even offered us a complimentary whiskey-infused welcome drink in the process.

Located near Washington University on the edge of the Delmar Loop meant there were lots of restaurants and bars within walking distance. The free parking lot at the back of the hotel is convenient and priced right but it is also open to the public, so on weekend nights it was pretty full (especially if there is a popular concert at the Pageant next door). Valet parking is $17/night which we thought was a little steep but, luckily, we managed to find a parking spot each night. On Sunday night, we were offered free valet parking along with dinner, movie and drinks in the restaurant. After inquiring what was covered under the “domestic beer” category I was disappointed that only the standard Bud and Miller were included while some local St. Louis-brewed beers were not. Probably the biggest misstep of the stay.

Lobby of the Moonrise Hotel
the entrance area with a light-up staircase

As for the room, the bed was very comfortable and the bath amenities were of high quality. We were on the 5th floor, so outside noise wasn’t a problem, however you could hear hallway noise very clearly. The rooftop bar was very pleasant and relaxed with a good selection of cocktails, wine and light food.

our bedroom with lots of space

We would stay here again.

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