hiking Kapuzinerberg to Franziskischlossl

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I’m guessing unless you’ve actually been to Salzburg, the title of this post sounds a bit like nonsense to you. Kapuzinerberg is a hill on the eastern bank of Salzach river with lovely views over the Old Town of Salzburg and Bavaria at large. The park is also home to the Franziskischlossl cloister which used to be a stronghold in the 1600s but is now home to a charming little restaurant where you can enjoy a beer (or hot chocolate) after the two mile hike up.

Franziskischlossl (still a bit of snow from the night before)

tiny door into Franziskischlossl
the door into the Franziskischlossl was just my size!

There are several intersecting trails and interpretive signs everywhere letting you know that you probably took a wrong turn somewhere. Let’s just say we did not take the most direct way to the top!  However, while wandering around we spotted the mostly wild chamois (goats) that inhabit the hill and thanks to the clear day, we also saw several spectacular views of the Old Town and Alps.

Festung Hohensalzburg
Festung Hohensalzburg

After considering the sun direction, we decided to get up early the following day to hike back up to the lower lookout point for the sunrise. Eric managed to catch a great shot of the morning pink from the pedestrian bridge on our way over and we were treated with scenic morning views of Salzburg before the snow and clouds rolled in.

looking northwest at the Kapuzinerkloster

old town Salzburg @ sunrise
old town Salzburg at 7:15am

We were lucky to have one clear and relatively cool day in Salzburg to explore this place almost entirely on our own as I imagine this park is packed in the summertime. Highly recommended for awesome city views and chamois spotting!

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