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by | Nov 3, 2008 | Daily life, Interesting site

Back in August 2007, we started including an ad from BlogHer to the sidebar of our blog. The point was to see if we could make a little extra money on page views without annoying the heck out of our regular visitors. (We hope we’ve been successful.) While it brings us a bit of extra money every month, it was never intended to make us rich.

I have also played around with Google Ads for our local wine tasting and events blog, although it’s a pay per click system, so the revenue varies depending on how well Google targets to ads to your visitors based on your content.

While there are plenty of posts about how to make money online (almost 40 million results for that phrase in fact), it’s safe to say that most of it is crap. However! I have been reading Ittybiz.com since early this year and I find Naomi’s insight to small business advice and marketing refreshing and helpful (as long as you can get past the occasional naughty word or two). So, Naomi is starting a new series on multiple online income streams and if you are at all interested in that sort of thing, check it out. She starts out with some good examples of why it’s important, in this economic climate, to be creative about how you earn your living.

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