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by | Nov 3, 2007 | Canine, Daily life, House

We had to turn the heat on for the first time in months when we returned from Florida as the house was a cool 62 degrees in the middle of the afternoon. Eric is the designated “pilot-light-turner-on-er” as I refuse to crawl under the house because it looks like this…


The furnace is in the middle of the house, which I’m sure helps the heating process, but it also means one has to crawl for a bit to turn the darn thing on. I’ve been under there exactly once to help Eric clear out some decaying wood that was left under there along with about a case of empty beer cans. Ick.

When we first moved in, it was March and the house was freezing, I think it was about 50 degrees inside. For some reason, the previous owners let the pilot light go out under the house, but we had no idea and just thought the heat wasn’t working. In a mild panic, we called them and they casually told us what to do. Easier said than done… poor Eric had to light the furnace with a taper candle and a flashlight in the dark. I’ve since bought him an automatic lighter. :)

We have an adjustable thermostat so that we can save money by keeping the house a little cooler during the day. This means that I have to wear socks and pup finds other ways to keep warm.


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