Peggys Cove

by | Jul 12, 2007 | Travel

While we did enjoy staying put for a few days in Halifax, there was one more drive we wanted to take near the end of our trip. Eric had a slow afternoon the day before we left, so we headed down to Peggys Cove via the Lighthouse Trail. After our experiences with the other Nova Scotia “scenic” trails, we weren’t expecting too much and we didn’t get disappointed.

The town itself is quaint and scenic and the lighthouse (which is now a post office… hmm, where have I seen that before?) is just as lovely as the photos portray it. I imagine that there are other lighthouses on this trail, but none that we saw between Halifax and Peggys Cove.

We hiked around the rocks for a while enjoying the sunshine and watched as the tide came in and the waves became more intense. Photos from our trip to Nova Scotia are here.

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