Marine Trail

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We found ourselves with quite a drive to get to our third bed & breakfast after my lobster lunch in Cheticamp, but made time for a walking detour of an island park in Guysborough (left).

The Rare Bird Pub restaurant we had planned on for dinner was hosting the local prom-goers. Initially, they weren’t going to serve us at all and for the reception we got, we probably should have tried our luck elsewhere. We just got a salad and a beer each and could hear the guy in the kitchen complain about us when we wanted more dressing. Mind you, Eric’s Caesar salad didn’t have a.) Caesar dressing nor b.) nearly enough of their own bizarre interpretation quite unlike the original, but they managed to scrape up an extra spoonful for us. Gee, thanks. Definitely to be avoided.

After dinner, we took the more scenic route through some coves and several small towns… looking forward to arriving at our next B&B before 8pm or so.


Here is a map of our planned route…


We ran into a slight problem in Country Harbor. Every map we had showed the road continuing right along the coast. But! If you look veeeeery closely…


What the? And there was no ferry service. Of course.

So… here’s a shot of our actual route.


Thank goodness our hosts were wonderful and provided us with tasty home brewed beer to make us forget about all the time we spent in the car.

We had a much shorter drive into Halifax the next day and stopped briefly at a series of rapids (with salmon fishermen!) by the McPhee House in Sheets Harbor.

We arrived in Halifax around 2:30pm and fully unloaded our car for the first time in four days… then we went searching for some more beer!

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