Another reason to not fly British Air

by | Feb 8, 2007 | Noteworthy, Travel


British Air just announced a major change in their baggage allowance: checking more than 1 bag per ticket will now cost an extra $160-$240 (at the current 2 dollars to 1 pound conversion) per 50 lb bag. Interesting to note that they are giving one week advance notice. While this doesn’t apply to US routes yet (probably due to the competition on those routes) it could change at any time.

To me, it’s yet another reason not to fly British Air if I can help it. We were quite disappointed with our recent experience flying the long-haul routes to Cape Town through London. The seats in World Traveller were even more cramped than a US domestic flight, the food was really bad, and all four flights, on four different dates, were delayed. And I still shudder everytime I think about Heathrow. British Air was by far the worst part of our otherwise very enjoyable trip.

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