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by | Feb 4, 2007 | Daily life

…with a decidedly Chicago slant. :)

end of Superbowl XVI
@9:57 – well, at least we made it to the Superbowl, right?
@9:49 – I am really glad I don’t have a room full of people around me. (I am grumpy.)
@9:45 – incomplete pass or a fumble, does it really matter?
@9:39 – Hester hasn’t had another chance for a good return… can’t blame the Colts.
@9:36 – Manning is sacked!
@9:31 – what did I just say?!?! I’m curious to see how Grossman is going to get out of being held personally responsible if the Bears lose.
@9:30 – Clark gives us a 1st down, slow and steady guys.
@9:25 – yep. call stands. 17-29
@9:22 – Hayden intercepts and runs it back for a touchdown. Under review, but I think he stayed inbounds. Grossman is not my favorite person currently.
@9:21 – Moooooose!
@9:17 – nice stop for 4th and 8.
end of third quarter
@9:09 – rats.
@9:07 – please let it stay an incomplete pass. please!
@9:03 – Gould good from 44 yards. 17-22
@8:58 – unnecessary roughness! we have the ball on the Indy 40.
@8:56 – why would Robert Goulet want to pour hot coffee on my keyboard?
@8:54 – another Vinatieri field goal. 14-22
@8:53 – ok Rex, let’s make something happen.
@8:50 – at least Tillman knows how to tackle. Rhodes gets 36 yards. grr.
@8:47 – are you kidding me? 2nd and 1 to 4th and a million.
@8:45 – hooray! Jones gets us a 1st down!
@8:45 – ok Rex, let’s make something happen.
@8:43 – another dumb Budweiser commercial.
@8:39 – an ugly field goal. 14-19
@8:31 – 1st down Addai. again.
@8:18 – best Superbowl half-time show since U2 (XXXVI).
@8:15 – yeah! Purple Rain!
@8:06 – Prince has a cool stage and wow, it is pouring!
end of second quarter
@7:57 – 36 yard field goal… Vinatieri MISSED!
@7:54 – fantastic tackle by Urlacher.
@7:51 – Grossman, come on! Hold on to the ball! Argh, our defense really needs a rest… this isn’t good.
@7:50 – Tillman strips the ball and recovers for the Bears!
@7:39 – ok, I don’t like winking dogs but machinery with feelings is somehow fine with me. (thankfully it was just a dream)
@7:34 – Rhodes gets a touchdown for the Colts. Foo. 14-16
@7:32 – why is Manning running all over the place? get him already!
@7:23 – I was enjoying the dalmation Budweiser commercial until the computer- generated wink… seriously, that always creeps me out.
@7:22 – thank you Briggs for keeping the Colts to a field goal try. 14-9
end of the first quarter
@7:12 – Benson walks off under his own power, thank goodness.
@7:04 – props to Grossman for jumping in the pile to try and recover that fumble.
@6:59 – I *heart* Carlos Mencia.
@6:56 – wierdest Snicker commercial ever.
@6:54 – number 8 to number 87! Touchdown Chicago! 14-6
@6:52 – go Jones! run! run! (52 yards)
@6:51 – another fumble! Brown! we recovered the ball!
@6:50 – Hagler recovers the fumble for the Colts.
@6:47 – touchdown colts (Wayne). grrr. 7-7 7-6 (ha ha! missed extra point.)
@6:38 – deep-dish pizza is served!
@6:35 – Blockbuster commercial with the mouse was funny and entertaining. “maybe we should try dragging it” :)
@6:34 – the first interception of the game, sorry Peyton.
@6:28 – holy crap! A kickoff return for a touchdown, I think I just lost my voice! I am so happy for Hester! 7-0

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