Helsinki 2012: sights of Helsinki, day 1


In 2002 I traveled to Helsinki for a conference (my first passport stamp!) but Leandra had to stay in Georgia. Ten years later we were finally able to get Leandra to Finland when we found a good deal for Labor Day weekend. We arrived on Friday morning and after a bus ride to town and […]

Asian adventure 2011: exploring the sights of Hong Kong


Findings from our wanderings: wow, Hong Kong is a dense city much like Disney world there are lines/queues for just about everything the city is a very three dimensional with walkways above and below street level, making maps rather difficult in some locations nearly all metro stops have underground shops, and most have one or […]

eat and drink in Barcelona


The following are some of the places where we ate during our week in Barcelona. Unlike most of the places we visit in the US, there are no websites to accompany these, so I’ll give street locations when possible. Pizzas L’Avia—Just down the street from us on the corner of C/Cera and C/Botella was this […]