London Nov 2014: National Gallery


I was in college the last time I visited the National Gallery in London but Eric went while I was at Fashion Week in February and wanted to show me around, so we took a rainy morning on our last day to explore this museum. I love Monet, Van Gogh and Degas but there were […]

London Nov 2014: street art in Shoreditch


During each trip to London we try to explore a new part of the city. Previous trips had us exploring Camden, and earlier this year, Boroughs Market. On this trip I wanted to go further east, so we headed to Shoreditch on our own street art walking tour. We started from the Liverpool Street tube station and wandered the […]

Scandinavian summer weekend: a day in Malmö


On Saturday, we took advantage of the hotel’s free shuttle to the airport, where we could catch the train to Malmö, Sweden. I was struggling with the ticket machine so Eric suggested the ticket window since there was no line. The agent told us that if we were traveling together then we could get a […]

Summer Euro 2013: Lanzarote sights, days II & III


On our second day on Lanzarote we headed along the west coast to El Golfo. First we stopped in town to find an ATM… then continued along the side highway LZ-701 through the barren landscape… Along the way we stopped for photos of the famous salt works, Salinas de Janubio. On the far side we […]

Summer Euro 2013: Köln / Cologne pt. I


The massive Kölner Dom fills your view as you leave the Köln central train station. While the exterior could use a vigorous power-wash, it remains absolutely stunning.    fancy handle; impressive archway The interior is cavernous, with massive mulch-columned beams supporting the roof. Everywhere you look is interesting detail, artwork, etc.          […]

Montreal: street art


The street art scene in Montreal was awesome-  from stickers, to small pieces on utility boxes all the way to amazing building-covering murals, there were ample artistic sights to be found. We only scratched the surface on this trip so I look forward to future explorations.        You can see all of our […]

Montreal: sights


Though our time in Montreal was rather brief we still managed to walk around an interesting cross-section of the city. Below are some of our favorite sights. Chinatown Notre Dame cathedral Saint-Laurent    we saw curving stairs like these all over the city; winter warnings Art installations Montreal seems to teem with art, combining a […]

Belgium 2012: street art


Below are a few of my favorite examples of street art / graffiti we saw on our recent Belgium trip. Bruges always look behind the street signs… harsh yo. that’s where I left it… Antwerp    those look like bad decision bears… juxtaposition go monkey! Ghent  that is a lot of paint layers…   simple […]

Laumeier Sculpture Park


On our first day in St. Louis we were facing some unpredictable weather, so we got up early, dressed comfortably and headed to the free Laumeier Sculpture Park for an outdoor hike among some creative, amusing and whimsical sculpture. me posing next to Man with Briefcase at #2968443 by Jonathan Borofsky The Way by Alexander […]

Reina Sofia and the Prado


We couldn’t pass up a chance to visit to visit two of the top museums in Europe on our trip to Madrid, so we hit the Reina Sofia on Saturday afternoon (free after 2:30pm!) and the Prado on Sunday afternoon. We both ultimately preferred the modern art museum due to our love of Dali and […]