Gap of Dunloe waterfalls


We had a very difficult time finding a good resource for waterfalls in Ireland before we left on this trip. Even when we asked locals, the most common answer was “Oh, how about the Torc waterfall?” The best we could do was a few snapshots of cascades using the images view on Google Earth. So, […]

Gap of Dunloe


Eric called this one of the top three most scenic drives we’ve done. Considering Chapman’s Peak in South Africa and Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park are both on that list, that’s saying quite a lot. The trek consists of a (mostly) paved road barely wide enough for one car for about 22 kilometers. Each […]

A lucky breakfast


Yesterday we started our drive down to Bradenton, FL, for Thanksgiving, and spent the night outside of Jacksonville at the home of our friends Beverly and Chris. Thanks for the hospitality guys! Everyone was gone when we got up in the morning; well, almost everyone: That’s Lucky, a super cute and somewhat sleepy chihuahua. He […]

Gleninchiquin Falls and the Uragh Stone Circle


After driving through Killarney National Park we took a detour down to the Beara Peninsula to see Gleninchiquin Falls. I had emailed the private park a few days before we left but no one ever got back to me, so we had no way of knowing how much it was going to cost to get […]

Killarney National Park


After our stops at Muckross House and the Torc waterfall, the weather improved slightly as we meandered through Killarney National Park. The N71 took us past many small lakes and beautiful viewpoints. We parked at this old church and took a short walk to some cascades. The fall color was lovely and the sun was […]

text message etiquette


I sent a text message to my sister early yesterday morning so she would call me on her way to work and the following conversation ensued… Me: [Call me!] Her: calls me immediately, worried, “What’s wrong!” Me: “Nothing, I meant [Call me!] as a casual request. Just call when you get a chance.” Her: “Oh, […]

Muckross House and Torc Waterfall


Our first stop on the second day after a hearty breakfast at our B&B on our way through Killarney National Park was the Muckross House. We decided not to do the house tour but instead walked around the grounds all the while becoming damper and damper in the misty rain. Unexpectedly, there were a few […]

those days you live and don’t get a chance to blog about


Yeah, it’s been one of those days. I only got halfway through the Ireland post I was going to write because I got two calls today about a total of four dog portraits I am being commissioned to do before Christmas. I was also recreating a poster I created for a non-profit into four different […]

Back from Ireland


Most of the day was seemingly spent on a plane of one sort or another. As we took off we had a quick view of the Irish coast, then it was clouds and ocean for several thousand miles. In flight we caught up on several episodes of Dr. Who, Season three (loving it!), and also […]

Ladies View, Ring of Kerry


A sneak peak of our travels on our second day in Ireland. (view the full size image)