Christmas is ruff


We’re all a bit tired from our trip up to NY, but Riesling is definitely the worst off: At this point she’s wishing for an early dinner and and an early bedtime for Christmas Eve. If she gets a new squirrel that would be fine too. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tess McDonald, 1919-2008


As many of you now know, my grandmother (gram) passed away last Friday evening, a mere two weeks after she spent Thanksgiving with the entire immediate family in Florida. I have been back and forth to the Tampa area three times in the last three weeks, once driving and twice flying. Once I knew she […]

work in progress


I have been painting a few hours a day when I’ve been home because I have five commissioned dog portraits to complete before we leave on Christmas holiday. I am effectively doubling the amount of commissioned work I’ve completed, ever, this month! Here is what my studio looks like at the moment… I have three […]

One sad mug


How’s that for a look? Leandra has been back in FL visiting her sick grandmother, and Riesling has sorely missed her. Lots of moping, checking every car that drove by just in case… and quite a few of these looks. Poor girl.

our little rental car


One of my concerns about driving in Ireland was the whole driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road thing. What I should have been concerned with was the width of the roads and the completely unrealistic speed limits. I mentioned more than once to Eric that I […]

Dingle Peninsula


Even though it rained for most of our last full day in Ireland, we still enjoyed some scenic views of the Dingle peninsula coastline, Dingle Bay and the Blasket Islands. This is nearby where Eric almost got blown out to sea. Looking east from one of the many pullout areas. Amazingly, there were sheep grazing […]

Kayaking the Manatee River


On Friday, Leandra braved the crowds and went shopping early, then played golf with her family in the afternoon. Since I’m not partial to shopping or golf, I rented a kayak from Ray’s in Bradenton and spent several hours paddling ~5 miles upstream, then back down again. It was an absolutely perfect day for kayaking […]

a proper pub lunch in Ireland


I ate my fair share of ploughman’s lunches (what is the deal with pickled onions?) and pub food during my last visit to Ireland and when the weather started to turn against us out on the end of the Dingle peninsula, we sought refuge in a small pub, Tig Bhric, in Riasc. Eric had “the […]

Ireland can be insanely windy


On our last day in Ireland we drove out to the end of the Dingle Peninsula for some amazing shots of the rugged coastline. There was liberal use of the available pullouts and quite a lot of jumping out and then quickly back into the car. We have several lovely shots from this day, but […]

Florida sunsets are suberb


We’re enjoying Thanksgiving in FL, and last night we went to watch the sunset at Emerson State Park in Palmetto, Florida. Riesling came with us and had a lovely time sniffing everything on the beach and getting her nose full of sand. :)