Sharapova vs. Safina, Roland Garros

We weren’t sure about the rules for photography at the French Open so we only brought my little camera on the first day. Once Eric witnessed the massive camera gear hauled around by various spectators (and got over his lens envy), he decided to bring our Rebel XT on the second day.

Turns out they allow just about anything in, including food and drink, hallelujah!

Maria Sharapova and Dinara Safina getting ready to start their match…

As you can see, our seats were almost directly in the center. It was a completely different view because on television, the camera are situated behind the players.

It was cloudy all morning and even though we were hoping for the best, it just wouldn’t be the French Open without a rain delay.

Thankfully, after the (relatively short) hour-long rain delay we had sunny skies for the rest of the match.

This match went down the wire, three hard-fought sets, including two tie-breaks!

See more Roland Garros photos in our Paris Flickr photo set.

Seine River cruise

On our first night in Paris we took an hour-long cruise along the Seine to various landmarks in Paris. We passed under some beautiful bridges and circled by the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

We sailed at 9pm, so the sun was setting just at the finish of our trip.

where in the world are E & L?

Hi everyone! We have been back in the USA for under 24 hours and Eric is already on another plane back to NC for an interview. He will be checking in on our house and yard and I am praying that at least one of my tomatoes has survived the 100-degree-plus heat that Durham had last week. He’ll be back tomorrow evening and then we’ll head to upstate NY for two weeks for a workshop he’ll be teaching at Hamilton College for the last two weeks of June.

I am (hopefully) on the upswing from a sinus infection (makes flying for eight hours even more fun!), so I will be resting up and posting copious amounts of photos to Flickr from our wonderful stays in both Paris and Barcelona. I will also be posting at least once a day for the next several days while I make sense of all the great experiences we had on this adventure, so stay tuned!

Roland Garros!

A quick update while I am connected to some sketchy internet on the fourth floor balcony of our Barcelona apartment.

Roland Garros was wonderful, we got to see several doubles matches but the highlights were definitely the Sharapova vs. Safina match, which Safina won 6-7, 7-6, 6-2, and the Djokovic vs. Gulbis match, which Djokovic won 7-5, 7-6, 7-5.

Court Suzanne Lenglen… we had some pretty nice seats!

Djokovic going for a net shot, this match was just awesome. I posted a ton more shots on Flickr.

Me, acting like a cheesy tourist… there’s Novak in the background!

Notre Dame

After a lot of flying, an easy transfer in Barcelona, and some trouble negotiating Orly airport, we are finally in the heart of Paris! We are both completely exhausted due to the car, plane, and bus trips over the last few days. More later but here are a few shots of the beautifully detailed Notre Dame.

The last one was taken at the end of our Seine River cruise. :)

Roland Garros tickets, translated

Today I got an email with all our French Open tickets attached! Hooray!

The first thing I did was translate the entire ticket since it’s in French and I needed to know why all the tickets have my name on them when they clearly show an illustration of someone checking IDs. Turns out I just have to change the names online and they will be registered correctly in the computer when the ticket is scanned. Check.

My next challenge was to find a good seating chart so I know where we’ll be sitting. Apparently, the organizers for Roland Garros have something against straightforward information about just where exactly your seats are. I could only find zone colors, no mention of the other qualification, OB/NB, on the tickets.

After looking all over the official website and various other ticketing aggregators, I decided to just make my own seating chart (hopefully helping out a few other folks) combined from several maps I found.


So now I know where our tickets are!

(Here you go, Mom.)

June 2, 2008 (2 men’s singles/1 men’s doubles) – OB, Row 20, Seats 4, 6, 8, 10
June 3, 2008 (1 men’s singles/2 women’s singles) – NB, Row 5, Seats 60, 62, 64, 66

French Open, here we come!

I previously wrote about how long we were going to have to wait before we found out if we actually got the French Open tickets we bought registered in advance for last November.

Well, the wait is over!

On Saturday, after Eric discovered a large charge on our credit card, we realized that the ticket purchase must have gone through. I logged into the Roland Garros site and happily found that the tickets we were issued were just what we wanted. Four tickets for the Suzanne Lenglen court, zone red (the best!), for both June 2 & 3!

This meant that we needed to scramble to buy plane tickets from Barcelona to Paris (we had to wait on this part as plane tickets are never refundable, at least the kind we buy) and find a hotel, mere weeks before our arrival. We made out fine, thankfully, so now I get to figure how much of Paris we can realistically see in the four days we’ll be there, minus the two dedicated to tennis, of course.

Expect lots of photos of us covered in red dust from Paris. :)