Italy 2017: Florence sights and shopping

I have never met anyone who has been to Florence and didn't like it. It's probably a mix of the food, the gorgeous architecture and museums, and all the leather goods for sale. There is certainly a lot to explore in this old city... Cattedrale di … [Continue reading]

Italy 2017: CIBO Cooking Class

As previously mentioned on this blog, I love to take cooking classes in various cities around the world as local food is one of the best things about travel. Bringing home the knowledge to make some of the dishes we try is very rewarding, and not … [Continue reading]

Italy 2017: Bologna

Wednesday After checking into our hotel we headed out to explore the town. But first, we needed some lunch, so we stopped into a small deli, Borgo979. They had a number of tigella, 4" round flatbreads, with various fillings or on the side. We … [Continue reading]

Italy 2017: overview

Last summer (2016) we noticed several good sales to Europe, so we contacted my parents to see if they wanted to go on another trip with us. Italy was their favorite option so we booked a week-long trip starting in Bologna and ending in Rome. They've … [Continue reading]

Winter Weekend in London: Sunday

For our last day in London we planned an itinerary that took us to four separate neighborhoods. First, we walked along Bayswater Road for the weekly Sunday Art Exhibition. Unfortunately, not many artists were displaying by 10am due to weather. We'll … [Continue reading]

Winter Weekend in London: Saturday

We were hoping to see another show on our trip and checking the usual discount ticket sites wasn't getting us the results we wanted for Saturday evening. The Gielgud Theatre offers £15 same day tickets for the Curious Incident of the Dog in the … [Continue reading]

Winter Weekend in London: Friday

Friday was definitely a day of culture! First up was the famous Natural History Museum, with all manner of mineral, animals, and lots of other science. I spent a half day here a couple years back when I had the day to myself waiting for Eric to fly … [Continue reading]