Riesling, lost & found

Back in early September (during our trip to Canada) our house-sitter let Riesling out into the backyard unattended and she wandered off. She was missing for three nights and even writing this now I can feel the ache in my chest from the emotional … [Continue reading]

Canadian Rockies: Yoho Valley Trail

On Wednesday morning we still hadn't heard any good news from our house-sitter, but once again, I figured someone had found Riesling and would bring her into a local vet's office or the shelter. She is chipped and I had already contacted the rescue … [Continue reading]

Canadian Rockies: Stanley Glacier + Silverton Falls

We had a later start on Tuesday, as I was starting to get stuffed up. Fun fact: You don't need to speak to a pharmacist to purchase pseudoephedrine in Alberta! We drove back to Kootenay NP to hike to Stanley Glacier.  It was a long hike through … [Continue reading]

Canadian Rockies: Moraine Lake, Consolation Lakes, Marble Canyon + Paint Pots

Going to bed early the night before allowed us to wake up before dawn on Monday to get to the Moraine Lake area at sunrise... along with a hundred other people! Our planning paid off though because we scored one of the last few parking spots at … [Continue reading]

Canadian Rockies: Johnston Canyon, Lake Minnewanka + Johnson Lake

A few of the hikes we wanted to do involved beating many of the other park patrons to a parking lot, so we found ourselves up with the sun to drive to Johnston Canyon on Sunday morning. After a scenic 45 minute drive, we had no trouble finding … [Continue reading]

Canadian Rockies: Sundance Canyon hike + seeing old friends

We landed late into Calgary and had to wait a bit for the shuttle van to the hotel but the welcome sign was cheerful! Woke up early to meet our friends Jay & Anne who drove us to our rental car place. After picking up our car we continued … [Continue reading]

Scotland 2017: layover in London

What to do with a half day in London? How about enjoying art, beer, and a show? We started at one of our favorite museums, the National Gallery. Leandra hadn't seen Cagnacci's Repentant Magdalene (a special exhibit) so I insisted we start there. … [Continue reading]