new garden photos

Gee, updating this website everyday is easy when you take half days from work because you are still sick. We leave for Tempe tomorrow, maybe the 100 degree heat will clear up my sinus infection? New garden photos are up along with an updated garden … [Continue reading]

it’s someone’s special day…

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First shots with new macro lens

Below are two of the shots I've taken with my new 60mm macro lens (click on the pics to see a larger version). This lens is quick and very quiet - I can't wait for the next botanical garden trip. Thanks for the birthday present mom and dad! … [Continue reading]

this post brought to you by DayQuil

Since I've been confined to the couch I have gotten a lot of pictures sorted and posted while Eric has been working in the yard. Thankfully, the Princess Bride was on AMC today as I was running out of patience with the poor daytime programing on the … [Continue reading]

New plants for the garden

I went to the Raleigh Farmers market this afternoon and came back with a few new additions for our yard. … [Continue reading]

sowing the seeds of love…

Today I tore out my overgrown mesclun/mustard greens and sowed some new seeds in both planter boxes on our deck. This was my first time growing lettuce greens and I admit, I was a little overzealous with the planting... plus I refused to thin out the … [Continue reading]

home sick

I stayed home today because my lymph nodes are so sore and swollen that I am having trouble swallowing. I woke up at the normal time and made myself some tea but Eric took one look at me and sent me back to bed. I tried to sleep some more but wound … [Continue reading]