Kansas City update

I had the opportunity to walk around the museum campus of Kansas City this afternoon and had a great time checking out the sculpture gardens. I've posted two pics below and I'll have more when I get back. "Crying Giant" at the Contemporary Art … [Continue reading]

Wicked: The Life and Times of…

I finally get to read this book! One of my co-workers told me she had it (and that I was welcome to borrow it) after I mentioned I'm 16th in line for the library's copy. … [Continue reading]

edging is done!

Even though I am happily distracted by an intense hockey game, I managed to complete all the spackling, priming, and edging in our bedroom. … [Continue reading]

BBQ in KC!

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Leandra drawing in her new moleskine notebook while listening to BBC Radio 1. … [Continue reading]

brave purple, indeed

Because I am antsy (and needed help with the crown molding, thanks Eric!), our bedroom trim was taped off last night and I bought paint this afternoon. We liked this color but knew it would dry darker so I had the helpful men at the paint shop make … [Continue reading]

a stroll in the sun

After working on our own garden this morning, we drove over to the Duke botanical gardens. The sun was warm and plenty of flowers where in bloom. We had to work around a couple of weddings, but the ducks and house sparrows kept us plenty amused. More … [Continue reading]