it’s the little things

Eric has been having a wonderful time with his new macro lens. Several little creatures can be now be seen in amazing detail... as long as they don't move too fast! … [Continue reading]

crispy and chocolatey, mmm!

The theme for our Supper Club this month was Italian and in the past I have been sticking with Cooking Light recipes (since that's the message board we all met on). However, I am all for easy and delicious fried desserts (who isn't?), so this is what … [Continue reading]

caring for your introvert

Eric sent me this article a while back and I recently rediscovered it while cleaning out my bookmarks. I will say that as an extrovert, I am immediately suspicious of anything in this article. :) However, I happen to be married to an introvert, so … [Continue reading]

listening to…

Other Side of the World by KT Tunstall … [Continue reading]

dining in Tempe

Before we go on trips, we always locate at least a handful of possible restaurants to try. This seems to lessen the chance that we'll just duck in somewhere awful because we are tired of walking around. We made it to almost every restaurant we wanted … [Continue reading]

We are back!

We're back in North Carolina after five days in the desert - check out the photos - and it is nice to eat at home for a change. Leandra grilled tonight as you can see in the pic below: … [Continue reading]

Desert Botanical Garden

Sunset at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ. … [Continue reading]