Movie time!

Off to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Superman Returns … [Continue reading]

our garden

some recent shots of our (very green) backyard... … [Continue reading]

feeling crafty

The spare bedroom is painted, but when I went to hang the curtains I realized that the three loops provided were not going to do the trick. The curtain drooped too much in between and the curtain rod would have to be hung ridiculously high to enable … [Continue reading]

leftover fireworks

we celebrated after our friend's cookout with some small fireworks and sparklers that we didn't light last year... … [Continue reading]

happy birthday USA!

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gone to that toaster oven heaven in the sky

A few weeks after Eric and I started dating, he bought me a toaster oven. He was spending a lot of time at my gram's condo with me (where I lived throughout college) and knew I had gone through a series of mishaps with the plain old toaster my gram … [Continue reading]