home sick

I stayed home today because my lymph nodes are so sore and swollen that I am having trouble swallowing. I woke up at the normal time and made myself some tea but Eric took one look at me and sent me back to bed. I tried to sleep some more but wound … [Continue reading]

our new journal design…

welcome to our new journal! We have been working for a few weeks now on making our journal more dynamic. For example, we want to be able to update on the road instead of waiting until we returned from trips. Also, you will be able to hear from both … [Continue reading]

Traveling lightly

This site has some advice on packing lightly: http://www.onebag.com/home.html. We'll try some of the tips on our upcoming trip to Tempe, AZ, next week. … [Continue reading]

We couldn’t agree more

http://bancomicsans.com/home.html … [Continue reading]

First pics

The linked pictures are among the first from my new Canon Rebel XT camera :) … [Continue reading]

work rose

my boss brought in roses for everyone from her home garden, this one is called 'just joey' … [Continue reading]

eric is so cool!

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