a stroll in the sun

After working on our own garden this morning, we drove over to the Duke botanical gardens. The sun was warm and plenty of flowers where in bloom. We had to work around a couple of weddings, but the ducks and house sparrows kept us plenty amused. More … [Continue reading]

mojito por favor!

using the mint we have growing wild around our yard... … [Continue reading]

diet Dr. Pepper

Unbelieveable. It does, in fact, taste like regular. … [Continue reading]

fortune telling

When we lived in Georgia, we tried take-out from several Chinese food restaurants. Unfortunately, none of them seemed to understand that you simply cannot mix the fried sweet and sour chicken nuggets with the sauce until just before consumption. … [Continue reading]

home improvement

By this time it's pretty well known that whenever Eric heads out of town without me, I get bored and work on home improvement projects. It's been a while since he's left me alone (good!) but that means I have been acquiring a bunch of ideas, yet … [Continue reading]

Mule racing?

Interesting story on MSNBC (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13149218/ ) - I had no idea that people raced mules... … [Continue reading]

it’s the little things

Eric has been having a wonderful time with his new macro lens. Several little creatures can be now be seen in amazing detail... as long as they don't move too fast! … [Continue reading]