Stuck in my head…

The song "Monster" by The Automatic has been stuck in my head today (listen on Myspace). The chorus -- what's that coming over the hill, is it a monster? -- is just really catchy. Hopefully it'll be stuck in your head too! … [Continue reading]

the real reason I can’t quit my job

free veg! My supervisor has been bringing in bags full of tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers for weeks now. Our garden is still a few weeks away... … [Continue reading]

Portulacas in the patio

About a week ago we started noticing some portulaca plants growing between the bricks of our patio. Here's one that just started flowering: As of this morning we have over 20 plants growing wild - now that is my kind of weed! … [Continue reading]

green dragonfly

I am convinced that Eric has magical powers that enable him to get this close to insects. This is also why small children and dogs adore him, I imagine. … [Continue reading]

Google maps

This morning I was using Google maps, and while there, I checked out the updated satellite imagery of South Africa. The resolution is really pretty amazing. Below I posted two screenshots that give you an overhead perspective of one part of our 2004 … [Continue reading]

the true problem with online ordering

Before moving to North Carolina, I used to casually assume that stuff we ordered online would get to us in one piece, undamaged. Ha! Ahhhhh! Ha! Ha! Ha! Let's take a look at a few items we've received over the last year and a half, shall we? The … [Continue reading]

new shoes!

Kenneth Cole for $30 at TJ Maxx. I've already been complemented on them twice this morning. :) Also starring in this photo: my blindingly white feet and the awful carpet in my office. … [Continue reading]