garden critters

Braving the mosquitos, I got these two shots of a Diogmites species of robber fly (aka Hanging-thieves) and a Spined micrathena spider (a type of Orb Weaver) yesterday in our backyard. … [Continue reading]

the home visit was a success!

(of course) We are now completely approved to adopt a mini schnauzer from the local rescue group. I will probably spend the next few weeks repeatedly checking their website to see what dogs are available. :) … [Continue reading]

Jacksonville photos

Vacation photos are here! … [Continue reading]

free money

Last week, a company in Baltimore e-mailed us to ask if they could use our photo of the UNC bell tower in a brochure they were putting together. We usually allow free use of our photos to non-profit groups and in some other cases with credit, but … [Continue reading]

back from the beach

We just got back from Jacksonville, FL after spending a wonderful weekend with friends of ours, their 2-year-old daughter and other various pets. :) It took us about 15 hours of driving round trip, so here are a few photos from the road, more to … [Continue reading]

making pesto

Every spring I look forward to planting basil seeds so I can replenish my supply of frozen pesto. I make a ton, freeze portions into ice cube trays, then pop the cubes into a freezer bag. Voilà! Tasty pesto all year round! … [Continue reading]

currently my two favorite commercials

"I Pinch" (Honda) "The Birds and the Bees" (Volkswagen) … [Continue reading]