on the road to recovery

For those of you who keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook, you already know that our pup, Riesling, was attacked at the dog park on Monday afternoon.

After surgery to treat two large belly wounds and a broken rib followed by overnight care, she came home on Tuesday night and has been steadily feeling better. It’s been a crazy few days and I am still trying to wrap my head around the entire situation. The whole attackĀ  lasted under 30 seconds but it felt much, much longer.

I took Riesling to have her drainage tubes removed yesterday and the vet who performed her surgery was happily surprised to see her wagging and active. He said that it was simply amazing that this is the same dog. She always manages to win people over, it’s not only her ears that make her charming.

a very beat-up schnauzer
At this point I think the worst part is the required recovery accessory.

We have one half of the living room set up with sheets and blankets all over the floor until her wounds heal up enough for her to climb stairs to the bedroom. We’ve also been sleeping downstairs with her on our futon mattress so the whole pack is together. She gets her surgical staples out next Thursday, so hopefully by then things will get back to normal.

My right hand was part of the carnage and I have about 10 puncture (bite) wounds in my thumb alone. Luckily, no stitches and the x-rays were negative but I did need a tetanus shot.

my thumb (front) my thumb (back)

Thankfully, the woman who owned the dog that attacked Riesling is going to be paying us back for all the medical costs of Riesling’s surgery and post-op care, and it looks like both of us will make a full recovery.


  1. Poor Riesling!!! And you, Leandra! We know all about vet care and you will be surprised how fast she will bounce back and come to hate the e-collar. We successfully covered up Woody’s wounds with a tshirt and he did not bother them. —A